Company owners/CEO's

You are not the average Joe and your company is far from drab, but you feel that your HQ looks like an office from a catalogue. See here how adding softseating elements with colorful and cuddly fabrics are a great way to create better atmosphere and acoustics.

Interior architects

We love Arne Jacobsen's Egg Chair and LC2 by Le Corbusier, but we believe that new flavors bring new dimensions to the dish. Check out which ingredients we offer that will spice up your clients interior.

Contract dealers

You are your client's business partner and offer strong added-value. You represent major furniture brands, but are more than these brands' reseller. Please read on and learn how we can boost your added-value even more.

Sving sofa


Sving, which means curve in Danish, is a sophisticated office concept that offers utter flexibility to its users. Designer Olav de Boer says: "As an interior architect I envisioned a concept that would offer a solution to various issues in modern office design. I was aiming for a product range of 'break out' furniture and flexible workplaces that share one design idiom." The curved wall panels are back rest and partition in one and have a constructive fuction as well. At both sides different furniture can be placed in such a way that there is a visual and acoustic partition between two areas of different functionality.

The shape of the wall panels enables endless configurations, like a lounge seat with sofa, a high table for a standing or seated meeting or a desk for a flex worker. For more functionality to the Sving we offer the possibility to add electric power and datasupply.

Sving Wall
Broes sofa


People tend to interpret straight lines as a certain way of sterness. It's the male approach to form: cut the crap and take the shortest route from A to B. Curves, however, are more frivolous. They have a destressing character. No need to rush, there are other roads to reach destination. The Broes sofa (pronounced as /bru:z/) by dutch designer Pascal Snitjer emphasizes this frivolity, but without loosing its functionality, creating privacy and giving comfort.

The options to dress up your Broes are almost limitless. Combine colors and fabrics from the major brands like Kvadrat, Febrik, Gabriel, Bute and Oniro and create your own character. The metal base is available in different RAL colors and copper finishing

The Broes sofa has a foamed metal frame. The High Resilience polyurethane foam used in the seat has a density of 55 kg/m3. Red Stitch gives 5 years full warranty on construction, foam and stitchting.

Broes chair
Broes chair


Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky once said: "Color is a power which directly influences the soul". Even more than shape. Its relevance has grown massively in interior architecture and workspace design in particular. It contributes to people's well-being, stimulates creativity and has a huge inpact on productivity. Founder of Red Stitch Jean-Paul Peek recognized this tendency, that inspired him to design his Color sofa. It is based on two stretched out L-shapes that offers the possibility to mix different colors/textures in a playful manner.

The Colors sofa has a wooden frame, steel nosag springs and High Resilience polyurethan foam for comfort. The feet that are hidden from view are adjustable in height.



When we were asked by an interior architect to develop an acoustic sofa for a large financial company, we realized it would be a major challenge. We were given a two weeks period before we'd present it. Designer Marico Mulders was assigned to create a couple of designs for the initial proposition. When drawing the first lines on paper he imagined a comfortable cover that is put on a slender metal frame like your favorite winter jacket. Our client loved the idea and together with one of the finest product developers around we managed to show a perfect prototype.

For over three years the Tweeks (Two weeks) sofa has proved itself to be a real best seller with proud owners in the Netherlands, Belgium,Germany, UK and Denmark.

The Tweeks sofa is built of a metal frame and wooden seat construction covered with polyurethane foam. Feet are made from powder coated steel and adjustable in height. Each sofa contains 1 respectively 2 cushions.



We guess everyone has experienced the situation that your smartphone or other mobile device has a low battery status, and you can not find a plug socket within reach to recharge it. The Dock is the perfect sofa that offers the possibility to solve this problem. It is available with a built-in powerframe from Bachmann. Although this is just a feature of the Dock, it provided the challenge Amsterdam designer Friso Dijkstra was given to dig into the essence of comfort of soft seating in workspaces and public domain. Is it possible to experience the same comfort while having a talk with a collegue, waiting for an appointment, making a phone call, checking your email on your laptop or reading some files? The Dock proves that it is.


The powerframe is subtly hidden behind a zipped flap. The contrast color emphasises its purpose and you're free to mix the colors of choice. The Bachmann powerframe can be connected to a ground socket or with a power wire through one of the metal conductors on the armrest

The Dock is fully customizable, because the armrests come in two sizes that gives you the freedom to compose your own personal sofa. Its proportions give sufficient elbow room when moving your arms to shift one's position to make notes or talk to the person next to you.


As work spaces are increasingly set up for flexibility, its furniture requires more adaptability than ever before. That's why the Dock is available in different variations. The Dock contains a wooden frame construction, steel nosag springs and high-resilience polyurethane foam.


Our prime mission is to bring the comfortable feeling of home in one's work environment. Red Stitch's latest release, the Leaf, is an acoustic sofa that expresses that feeling. Its soft cushion-like sides add a kind of friendliness to interior, unlike a lot of furniture that display a feeling of sterness. The slightly curved sides not only give comfort, but increases the acoustic effect too.

Its name "Leaf" refers to tree leaves which shapes are light and organic. Likewise the Leaf's cushion-like sides aren't ruler drawn and hover above the ground adding lightness.


The Leaf has a wooden frame with metal nosag springs covered with high resilience polyeruthane foam for comfort. The melamine skirt board prevent the fabric from wearing out and getting dirty due to shoe heels touching it. It is easy to clean too.


Don't let the neutral look fool you. The Inside is a real wolf in sheep's clothing. This sofa is amongst its aptness above all popular for its excellent sitting comfort. The foamed back gives the kind of natural support that a lot of other acoustic sofas lack. In conversation mode it's also comfortable to use the back as armrest.

We make the Inside in customized dimensies quite a bit, which adds up to its aptness that we mentioned earlier.


The Inside has a wooden frame, metal nosag springs and high resilience polyurethane foam for comfort. The skirt board is optional and made from melamine.

Made to measure

Although each RED STITCH product is specially made for each individual customer, we offer a service that even takes it a step further, MADE TO MEASURE. In fact, it is part of our DNA. Our Tweeks sofa for example is the result of custom-made process. We have a broad network of the finest craftsmen and designers who are more than able to achieve the best result to meet your particular needs.

We act as a partner and will always give substantiate advise on technical possibilities. As an example check out the #1095 chair we made for MUD JEANS on the image below. Its upholstery contains used denim jeans

mud jeans


Everything starts with a great idea. It is starting point of the path towards the perfect product that will meet the needs of our client.


Here's where the magic happens. The idea turns into a visual concept. We always aim to blend good functionality with great esthetics.

Crafted with Love

Each product is made by experienced craftsmen and skilled seemstresses, who are highly dedicated to achieving the best quality possible.


We can arrange an in-house delivery that include depackaging on the spot and taking back packaging material.


We believe that customer service should be an attitude and not a department. That's the reason why you can reach us on our personal mobile phone if you have questions or remarks.


Press the button below if you're interested in our Made To Measure service.


RED STITCH - the story

It all started in 2011 when founder Jean-Paul Peek and designer Marico Mulders were working on the joint development of a working sofa. After doing some test stitching with some red yarn that happened to be in the sewing machine, the idea was born to create a brand new furniture collection that, like the red yarn on the test stitching, stands out from the crowd. Of course under the new brand name RED STITCH.

Now it's 2015 and Red Stitch has established a ever arising international network of interior houses and architects. The heart of the company is a small team of dedicated professionals which No.1 goal is 100% customer satisfaction. It is a perfect blend of creativity, smart thinking, production skills and action. Red Stitch works with the finest craftsmen in their field. Accuracy and flexibilty are things that Red Stitch is highly committed to.

In close collaboration with project dealers and interior architects we have managed to build a strong portfolio of established companies that have been experiencing the fine quality and excellent comfort of our products.

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If you would like to include Red Stitch products in your interior plan, you are allowed to use 3D drawings from the Red Stitch library. You can download them here.

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